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Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya

According to the chronicles and folklore, Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya is where the princess Viharamaha Devi had disembarked from her sacrificial voyage on the sea - the princess had volunteered to sacrifice herself to calm the raging seas, which had, in fact, prompted her voyage - and had been received by the king Kavantissa and his retinue.
The temple sits on top of the rock offering a scenic view of Kirinda town, and as its backdrop, vistas of beaches, sand dunes, and the Indian Ocean. To reach its acme, there are steps cut into the rock and a newer addition of paved stairs. At its acme, you will be able to discover statues of Lord Buddha, Queen Viharamahadevi, a Stupa, the Devalaya, a Bo tree (Bodhimandapaya) and its temple.
The ruins of a palace where king Kavantissa officially welcomed and wed the princess are said to exist at Gotimbaragodaella about 2 miles inland from Kirinda. And in the Ruhuna National Park near Palatupana are some ancient monuments referred to as Magul Maha Vihara where they are believed to have lived after their marriage.
However, these monuments and sites are a subject of heavy debate among the archaeologists and historians. At the end of the day, however, Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya is an amazing monument that’s worth a visit, indeed.